Professional Tattoo Training Course

Set up your very own tattoo studio with this exclusive training. Get In touch with us more details.

Tattoo Training

Make a Career in Tattoo Art

Take Tattoo Training & Become a Professional Tattoo Artist

This Tatoo Training course is a career-oriented course in tattoo art. It will equip you with the basics to advance the level of tattoo techniques. You will also acquire knowledge about the tattoo business and how to open and run a successful tattoo art business.

This course is designed to mould you such that you can readily work with any tattoo studio/tattoo artist or run your own business. We will help you built a basic tattoo portfolio while you are in training which will help you use it when you approach any studio or tattoo artist for job. And after few months of experience, you can start off with your new tattoo studio.

Who should Opt for this Course

This Tattoo Training course is for the people who wish to make tattoo art a career option and open your own tattoo studio (or make your existing tattoo studio successful). This course is equipped with all the necessary knowledge and information you will need to do basic to advance level tattoos on real skin. You will also acquire knowledge to open and successfully run your own tattoo studio.

If you are not looking to open up a tattoo studio and rather expertise in only tattoo art and work under renowned studio/artist, like Alienstattooschool then you may also enroll in this course but the business management part will be excluded. (To open your own tattoo studio you need knowledge about business and understand more about money management, online marketing, customer service, etc. which is the scope of this Complete Course.) And also enrolled in our other makeup courses to become an expert or compact business in this industry to provide services from makeup to tattoo.

We get lots of people who think that they will learn basics of tattoo art and start making money, they wish to spend the least time and money to learn how to use the tattoo machine and other equipment and get on the seat and become self-proclaimed tattoo artist. Do not get trapped in this idea. Tattooing is vast, it’s all about art and creativity, it’s about people’s lives who trust you for the best. It comes with serious responsibilities.

You can join as soon as you complete your Class 10
(any stream).

Course Duration 90 days

Week days: Monday – Friday
Timings: 10am – 5pm
Weekends: Saturday
Timings: 10am – 5pm,
Sunday Timings: 2pm – 5pm

Trainer Portfolio

Prem R, the founder and leading Artist of  Skin Art Tattoo is well renowned personality amongst the popular Tattoo Artists in Bangalore and the neighbouring states.
He personally being an artist from his young age, was much interested in sketching and tattoo making Later he was inspired by the Tattoo Art and successfully learned
the same.
In 2010 he created his brand name as Skin Art Tattoos and started operating his own studio with enormous happy clients.
With 10 years of rich experience in all domains of tattooing he is successfully expanding his base in Bangalore and Chennai.
He also formed a Tattoo Training Programme for the interested candidates and have been training more than 1000+ candidates across the country.

Training Program

We offer best in class Tattoo Training to the interested and enthusiastic candidates with best theoretical and practice sessions under various stages and segments.
Tattoo training will be provided under sterilised environment and strong supervision.

Training Programme includes the following contents:


  • Basic Line Drawing
  • Pencil Sketching
  • Shading Techniques
  • Tattoo Designing
  • Cover-up Designing
  • Cleanliness and Hygiene management
  • Stencil Preparation
  • Machine Tuning and setup (Tattoo Gun)
  • Instructions on Tattoo Bed, Arm Rest, Light and other equipments
  • Stencil application on silicone skin
  • Practical Tattoo making on silicone skin
  • Tattoo making on real skin
  • Business Management

After completion of the course, Pro Art will help you to create professional portfolio. That help you better in showing your work and getting job or clients.

Course Highlights


After completion of the Course you will be awarded with a Training Certificate by Pro Art

Payment Plans

We offer flexible payment plans where students can slowly pay off their course in affordable instalments without incurring any interest.Talk to our administration team to work out a payment plan that is best for you.

Students Work

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Career Opportunities

You may open up a tattoo studio and rather expertise in only tattoo art and work under renown studio/artist.

You may start your
Career as a...

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