Foundation Course

An essential course for to become a makeup artist

Foundation Course

Become your own Makeup Expert

Beginners course or Foundation Course covering the principles of makeup concepts while developing skillsets of a professional makeup artist.

The course will be conducted in a Professional Makeup Studio.

This course covers the fundamentals of makeup design to the production of a professional student portfolio.

This course trains you to be a Professional Makeup Artist specializing in Beauty Makeup, Hair Dressing, Bridal Artistry, etc. Enabling Students to use their artistic talent and creativity in their makeup creations for complete creative looks. Moreover, this prepares one to provide a wide variety of make-up services for a high level of occupational ability; services, and monitoring for clients, while maintaining health and safety practices. We are among the utmost make academies like Kryolan

You can join as soon as you complete your Class 10
(any stream).

Course Duration 1 week

Week days: Monday – Friday
Timings: 10am – 5pm

Course Agenda

  • Daily class starts with knowledge of the look of the day with theoretical , visual  and demonstration .With product Knowledge and techniques .
  • Practice of the complete look by students .
  • Practice of face charts , worksheets / consultation record .
  • Mood board 
  • Weekly assessment
  • Internal / external examiners .
  • Preparation for international exams .
  • Mock test.
  • Exams practical and theory.


  • Setting up the makeup area
  • Lighting / furniture / makeup tools kit
  • The makeup artist’s approach on set
  • Management of health and safety at work
  • Professional ethical conduct
  • Consultation techniques
  • Types of makeup brushes and uses
  • Building a professional make up kit.
  • the structure, function, characteristics of skin
  • ageing and lifestyle effects on the skin and muscle tone
  •  diseases and disorders of the skin.
  • colour theory -Warming and cooling colours 
  • range and use of product available
  • effect of lighting has on the colour of make-up 
  • Creating a perfect base
  • corrective makeup technique to suit the face shape 
  • nose, eye, lip corrective makeup techniques
  •  Corrective, colour corrective, blending,
  • highlighting, shading, contouring, 
  • Eyebrow Shaping/eyebrow proportions
  • kinds of foundation (Cream, liquid, gel, cake, powder foundation), 
  • blushers (powder and cream), 
  • eye shadow (cream, crayon, powder),
  • eye liners (eyebrow pencil, powder brow colour), 
  • Mascara (liquid, cream, extensions, block), 
  • Smokey eye make up variations / cut the crease eye makeup/ classic smokey / Halo eyes / mono lid 
  • Different eyeliner variations.(winged, double winged etc.)
  • To achieve perfect lip definition with lip cosmetics (lip pencil, lipsticks ,Lip glosses)
  • The application of false eyelashes both individual and strip
  • Primers and Setting sprays
  • removal of eye make-up and skin make-up

After completion of the course, Pro Art will help you to create professional portfolio of complete looks, incorporating makeup, hairstyling, costumes, props and overall styling.

Course Highlights

Beauty & Wellness Sector Skill Council

Accreditation & Certification​

Pro Art Makeup Academy is affiliated with Beauty and Wellness Sector Skill Council (B&WSSC) A B&WSSC certified candidate is preferred over candidates without any certification.

Payment Plans

We offer flexible payment plans where students can slowly pay off their course in affordable instalments without incurring any interest.Talk to our administration team to work out a payment plan that is best for you.

Students Work

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Career Opportunities

Pro Art Students have gone on to work in all aspects of the makeup industry including retail cosmetics, fashion, photographic, bridal, film and TV industries. With relevant industry standard skills, a wealth of work experience and a complete professional portfolio.
Pro Art Students are highly employable.

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