The family wanted her daughter to do engineering, but She became a hairstylist; Have trained 15 thousand people till now, earning in lakhs

Most of the people are very conscious about their hairstyle and look. Be it going to the office, going to an event or attending an event, people set their hairstyle for every special occasion. In the last few years, there has been awareness about this, after which people are also spending a lot of budget regarding their look. This is the reason that the demand for career in this sector has also increased. Till yesterday, people were not thinking very well about the work, today many youths are making that work as their profession and are earning well.

Payal Patel, a resident of Surat, Gujarat, is also one of them. Payal belongs to a middle-class family. He has done Diploma in Engineering. After this she did a beauty parlor course from Surat itself and started her work in 2015. Today Payal is a well-known hair stylist, she has trained Indians as well as foreigners. Payal is earning more than one lakh rupees every month from this work.

Family Wanted her to Study Further

Hair Styling Course
The family wanted her daughter to do engineering, but Payal became a hairstylist; Have trained 15 thousand people till now, earning in lakhs.

Payal says that the people of the house did not want me to do this work. He did not like hairstyle work. In the society too, people talk about this in many ways. So the family members wanted me to take engineering degree after doing diploma, but I wanted to do something of my own in which I can work according to my choice. So I decided to become a hairstylist.

After that I started my work. However, after some time, I started getting support from the family as well. When the family members were convinced that I was doing well, they came along. Papa also helped me and supported one lakh rupees.

Used to distribute posters from house to house

Hair Styling Course

Payal says that five years ago I opened a parlor in Surat. After that the work started. Since I was new to the business field, I was not aware of marketing. She was also new in the parlor field. So initially very few customers were coming to the shop. So the earning was not as expected. Some people suggested hiring a professional for marketing, but then I didn’t have a lot of budget. So I decided to do marketing myself.

After this Payal got the poster printed in the name of her shop and herself started distributing it from house to house. She says that this work was challenging, it was a difficult task to distribute posters from door to door of people, but apart from this, I had no other option. However, the good thing is that I benefited from it. Slowly people came to know about my work and people started coming to my shop.

Has given training to foreigners as well

Hair Styling Course

Payal says that many people used to ask about its training during the work. Many girls had shown interest in this. That’s why I decided why not start a program of professional training as well. After that I started training. Then along with Gujarat people from other countries also started coming to me for training.

According to Payal, she has given training to people from Dubai, Malaysia, Africa. Many institutes also call them here for training. Till now she has trained 10 to 15 thousand students. Recently he has also started online training.

She says – I was fond of making my hair in different styles since childhood. When a design came up in my mind, I would first draw it on the canvas and then start designing my hair in the same way. This work sometimes took several days. This interest of mine is helping me a lot today.

Hairstylist’s profession is demanding in terms of career

Hair Styling Course

In terms of career, the profession of hairstylist has become in demand now. Hair stylists are in great demand in the film industry, electronic media, beauty parlours, production houses, five-star hotels, clubs and night parties. In big cities, professionals working in this field charge a day’s fee in lakhs.

If we talk about its training and course, then its training can be taken after 10th or 12th. Certificate and Diploma courses can be done. Private and government institutes provide training in most cities of the country. Fees are decided according to the institute and city.

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