Careers in makeup industry and Career Opportunities for a Makeup Artist

Who doesn’t want to look good & handsome? Beauty has become a new trend today. With the boom in entertainment industry there is bigger competition than ever. Now people have become more & more conscious about their look. Not only those who are in entertainment industry but also the other people & professionals are now more cautious about their looks.

This brings in the huge demand for make-up professionals or make-up artists. If you can make people look more cool and good looking, they are ready to invest for this. Makeup is an art & a face is the canvas for a makeup artist who uses mediums applied to the skin to transform or enhance the appearance of a person.

Becoming a professional makeup artist is an exciting opportunity for many aspiring makeup lovers, but where can a career in makeup take you and is the industry diverse enough to accommodate your special skills and interests?

The answer is, YES! Let’s learn about the career outlook as a makeup artist, qualifications needed & how to find the best make-up learning academy to begin the journey.

Education/Qualification Needed for a Makeup Artist

There is no particular qualification requirement to join a Makeup Course, however there are certain qualities you must develop to be successful in this industry. Person who has an innate ability of creativity can perform well in the career of a makeup artist. A makeup artist needs to develop strong imagination, understanding colour combination, hardworking & research ability. 

Professionals, who can make the detailed use of cosmetics, wigs and other tools to give that desired look, can easily flourish. A professional course will always help them to enhance their career in this field. They can complete specialization in make-up under any major academy. 

A fluent communication skill is the key for a makeup artist to flourish & if one intends to work in the entertainment industry he/she must get a relevant bachelor degree or diploma apart from the professional makeup course. This would smoothen the entry to this industry.

Careers in makeup industry for a Makeup Professionals

There are several career options for the makeup professionals listed below:

Makeup Artists for Spa and Salon - Proart Makeup academy Chennai

1. Makeup Artists for Spa & Salon

Spa & Salon business is at an all-time high, there is a huge demand for Makeup Artists in this industry. You can also associate yourself with a salon as a makeup artist. Your place of work can give you ample opportunities to work with regular clientele and have complete peace of mind when it comes to the financials. Working in a salon also means that you will work with cosmetologists, aestheticians, and beauty professionals which will also help you increase your knowledge and keep yourself updated on industry trends.

Earnings: Makeup artist for Spa & Salon can earn between 15k to 25k in the beginning of your career.

Celebrity Makeup Artist

 2. Celebrity Makeup Artist

In the list of Careers in makeup industry this is the most lucrative career that many dream about, however it is not easy to get into the career as a celebrity makeup artist. Celebrities are often photographed day long & need HD Makeup, to become a celebrity in the industry one needs experience & an entry link. Before you could make it, you should enhance your skills & qualifications as a makeup artist, showcase your good work to come in limelight that will open the gateway to start as a makeup artist for theater, drama, or a film celebrity.

Earnings Prospective: This is a highly paid job if you get into this industry, apart from the financial earning you can also earn you name & fame.

Blogger - Influencer makeup artist

3. Blogging / Influencing

If you are equipped with a flair for writing along with your makeup skills, then this is the most trending career option for you. You can start with a simple blog site & build your portfolio. Talk about the different makeup skills that you have learned & experienced. You can share beauty tips & tricks, educate readers about new beauty products in the market. You may also post the cosmetics product reviews that are going to help the buyers. This can be one of stable careers in makeup industry.

Earnings:- Once your blog starts attracting a good amount of traffic you may earn in lacs. The beauty product companies may sponsor their product on your blog site and the pay is as high as TV Advertisements.

Bridal Makeup Artist

4. Bridal Makeup Artist

All time in demand profession is a bridal makeup artist. You can offer freelance service as a bridal makeup artist. Marriage is a once in a lifetime event and brides want and need brides want and need a professional to travel to their wedding location to help them achieve the perfect bridal look on the most special day of their lives. Not only brides but even grooms are also now looking for a makeup artist to look attractive on camera at his once in a life event. This is not just limited to bride & grooms; you may get a contract to makeup the complete bride & groom family if you are capable of.

Earnings: A bridal makeup artist with very less experience charges a minimum 5k for one makeup, this amount grows with the experience & your target clientele.

Join a Makeup Production Company
Recording make up tutorial

5. Join a Makeup Production Company

In our list of 7 best Careers in Makeup Industry this career could find you working at a cosmetics counter to start off your career but could quickly become very lucrative if you have strong sales skills and are willing to put in the time and effort.

This is a great way to get makeup artistry practice and up your skills as a makeup artist. You will be showcasing the makeup for the company you work for and getting the opportunity to work and a wide variety of faces. But remember to get to the high paying job in this career field you will want to push yourself to the top and work hard to become a top sales representative.

Earnings as Sales Representative could start from 20k to 50k.

Become a makeup Educator or Trainer
Group of girls at makeup school

6. Educator/ Trainer

And of course, our all-time favorite makeup artistry career would be Beauty Educator or trainer. This career is so rewarding and can expose you to so many amazing opportunities. If you are an experienced makeup artist and have worked in many of the careers listed above you may be qualified to become a beauty educator with a focus on makeup artistry.

There is a huge demand for makeup education for women of all ages and of all skill levels. You could teach one day workshops or advance to full on pro makeup classes.
Whatever you decide to do it will be up to you to create an interactive curriculum that guides your students through the makeup application process and even into the advanced techniques that so many women desire to learn today.

Earnings: Career as a Makeup trainer or educator needs Experience & skills; hence you get a handsome amount of salary in this profession.

Start your own makeup studio

7. Start your Own Business

7th in the list of Careers in makeup industry is the business opportunity. Apart from the above, if you have a business mindset, you can enter into the Makeup business and open a Spa or Salon to offer your services to people. You may open your own makeup academy to train new professionals. This could be more rewarding.

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